Polishing a car is very important because it can hide small scratches and impurities, which will make your used car look more orderly, prettier and more important, your car will look much younger.

Unlike mechanical, manual polishing of the car can be done very quickly in a few steps with a little patience and most importantly with relatively little money and only a few hours of free time. So, the question is, how often should you wax your car?

To begin with, an adequate polishing paste should be obtained. More precisely, it is necessary to choose an appropriate paste that corresponds to the type or type of paint on your car, so the polish paste for metallic and acrylic paint is different. We do not recommend using polish paste for acrylic paint on metallic paint and vice versa, as this will not lead to the desired results. You can buy polish paste in all car cosmetics stores and most well-equipped auto parts stores (see our favorite waxes). Prices depend on the manufacturer, so they range from 15$ to the highest. The difference in the price of polishing traps mainly reflects its quality, and to make polishing more manageable with each purchased paste, you will also get an exclusive sponge, which puts the paste on the car.

To achieve the best possible results and excellent polishing effect, the following few steps must be followed.

Washing and drying the car

The procedure begins with washing the car with this detergent, to clean all dirt and impurities. Be thorough and patient, so that the car is clean and ready for polishing. After washing, wait for the body, or all the parts you want to polish, to dry thoroughly. These two steps are significant when polishing is in question and try to do both well and thoroughly.

Polishing exclusively in the shade

At the recommendation of the masters who are polishing the car and we advise you that polishing is mandatory and exclusively done in the shade or indoors, the garages, therefore in no way in the sun. Polishing begins with the application of polishing paste and the sponge that you get when buying a paste, slowly circular motion. If you have a polishing machine, you can also use it, because it will shorten the polishing process, but if you do not have, nothing to worry about, with a little more time, you will achieve the same results. Spread a piece of the car, trying not to make a break, but to do it continuously, without interruption. Make sure that polishing pastes do not touch the leader tires and plastic parts of the car, as there is a great chance of damaging them, more precisely, the polish paste fade.

Allow the paste to dry

After the basic application of paste, it is necessary to dry it. On each player trap, there is also an instruction on which is written how much time is needed after application, to dry it.It will undoubtedly depend on the paste manufacturer, but also on the outside temperature. However, there is a universal rule that says that the paste is removed from the car when it is fired, which means it is completely dry.

Removing the polish adhesive

When the pasta whitens, i.e., dries, with circular movements, rub the surface of the car with a cotton cloth. This step, when polishing the car, is undoubtedly the most difficult because it requires a little more power, but it is also essential because it will achieve the final, excellent results. Please note that removing the paste can also be performed with a polishing machine, and if you have it, you can use it.

How often should you wax your car?

You should wax your car twice a year minimum. Once before summer and the heat that comes with it, and one more time before winter, before all the rain and snow. If you want your car to look nice all the time, you should wax it four times a year, or every three months. This way it will have that beautiful glow and sparkle.