Every time you finish cleaning your car, be it just a quick wash or a full interior and exterior detail, you get a sense of satisfaction. Your car looks great, it drives better, it feels like it has more power-and you know that everyone is looking at you as your sparkling beauty glides down the road.

New Great Waxes and Other Car Care Products

Here are five new products, some high end and some low, that will keep you shining.

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 Paste:

This is probably the best paste wax I have ever used, and at $17.99 it lives up to its price tag. I don’t want to hype the wax too heavily, but this is one of the longest lasting waxes I’ve seen, as well. Of course, being a paste wax, it takes some serious time and effort to fully and properly wax your vehicle. Meguiar’s products are found in most any respectable store that sells car care products (Auto-Zone, NAPA, Pepboys, etc.), or you can order it online from them directly.

Eagle One Nano Products:

The Eagle One Nano line consists of a few different waxes (paste, spray, and liquid), a wash and wax, a vinyl and leather cleaner, and a wheel polish. I’ve used the wash and wax and the spray wax and they represent excellent values. They’re relatively cheap (under $5.00 a bottle), available at just about any Auto-Zone or Advanced (or similar store) and work well. The online videos, like always, are a bit a misleading, but the end result is a good shine without hours of work in the garage.

Turbo Wax – Complete Car Care Kit:

Turbo Wax is a boutique brand I was given some free samples of a few years ago-some tire gel and cleaner, an applicator for said gel, and a bottle of their car shampoo. The products were very impressive-enough so to recommend them to a friend who is a detailer. He now uses their products for his personal vehicles. The Complete Car Care Kit is expensive at $160.99, but you’re getting a lot of product for your dollar, and it’s all very high quality. All of the Turbo Wax products are available at www.turbowax.com

Mothers – Chrome Polish:

Chrome polish isn’t something that makes you jump up and down and rave about-that’s true. But when you have some dull chrome the only thing to do is polish it. I’ve used Mothers Chrome Polish whenever I’ve needed it-which is rare, because it seems to last quite a long time. This might be more a niche application, but it’s an excellent product. Available, again, wherever fine car care products are sold.

Production Car Care – New Car Polish:

Have a new car that needs a quick shine? Or a thoroughly detailed older vehicle that’s between washes? This spray polish costs a bit more than most spray detailers out there-and the results suggest that it should. If you’re serious about having a quick spray detailer this is the way to go. There is an assortment of video tests on Youtube to see this spray polish before you buy it. Available from the Production Car Care webpage.