Surely you have wondered how you could exercise your body from home, with similar conditions to those you find in the best gyms in your city. We´ll tell you how you can organize a fantastic place for training and fitness your body from the comfort of your home and sticking to your budget

The first thing you should do is define the objectives you want to achieve by investing in the creation of a home gym. Also, deciding the part of the house that you will have to set all the implements and materials is an aspect that you must think very well. We strongly recommend that if you have a large garage at home, then you could consider using a part of it as a gym.

Why the garage?

Well, your garage offers a lot of advantages to being transformed into a gym without changing the style of your house. First of all, it is an excellent place to settle large and heavy equipment. Secondly, you could install rubber floor on it, because it is essential for safety in any gym, and it wouldn´t look weird at all because it would be inside the garage. You could also hang a punching bag, locate the dumbbell set, and install a bar among all the other implements you need to get started on your training plan from the comfort of your home in a clean and functional way.

Lighting is another reason why the garage is a wonderful place to locate your gym because it usually enjoys good lighting during the day, so you wouldn´t have to use artificial lights that will make you spend more on electricity bills than what you already do. Also, you must consider the ventilation of your garage because, as you may know, it is important that your home gym has good ventilation so you will not have to invest in extra fans or air conditioners.

Which are the basic materials to start the installation of your gym in the garage?

Source: Peak Home Fitness Ultimate Garage Gym

  1. A dumbbell set with removable discs is a “must have” in your gym. That way you will not have to buy several pairs of dumbbells of different weights, but you can buy the discs little by little, and you are adding or removing them according to your interest.
  2. An Olympic bar to which you can also add and remove discs. It is highly recommended that you have one of this in your gym because it will allow you to train your pectorals, quadriceps, and biceps.
  3. A gym bench. There is no doubt that having one of those is very important for your own garage gym. This equipment will be very useful to perform a large number of shoulder exercises (birds, Arnold Press, Press Bradford) and torso (dumbbell openings, bench press, incline press, rowing, french press, pullover). We recommend you to buy the adjustable bench because it would allow you to perform exercises that require lying on your back, facing down, sitting or leaning.
  4. Protecting the floor of your gym with rubber sheets is a very important aspect because this way you reduce the risk of harm and injuries that could be produced by falling on a surface covered with tiles or concrete. Also, this type of floor conditioning will allow you to practice karate, yoga and doing sit-ups.

To ensure the best use of these materials, and also saving time and increase safety, we recommend you organize all the equipment in your garage gym very well. You could locate the bench in the center of the gym, so you have enough space to perform the exercises. To keep everything in order, once you have finished with the dumbbells or the Olympic bar, it is a good idea to disassemble them and place the discs in the corner of the garage, it will help you to avoid accidents as well.

Should we listen to music while we train in our garage gym?

Most people like to listen to music while training because it helps them to be distracted and happy. In some cases, a musical note can also bring back good memories and nice feelings. Almost everyone has a song or a musical genre that excites them and motivates them, which will be positively reflected when executing the exercise routines.

If the rhythm of the music you use while training is good for dancing, then you will be stimulating the motor area of your body, which will help you have an optimal psychological climate to face intense but pleasant training.

Another important aspect of having the gym in your garage is that you can select the music you like the most which is, without a doubt, an advantage above people who do not have the possibility of having room to exercise in their homes.

Is it good to do group exercises?

Well, the short answer is yes. So invite your family and friends to accompany you during training sessions because, when you train with other people, you are more likely to enjoy it. The reason for this is that you have partners to talk to, to compete with, and to share new exercise routines.

Also, if you train with one or more people, it is less likely that you miss your gym schedule. Since the training room is in the garage of your house, it will be difficult for you to leave your companions along because you must open the door and act as a host as well.

Is it possible to have an athletic body if you are training in your garage-gym?

Investing in the right equipment, and combining dumbbell training with cardiovascular exercise, you will get an exuberant musculature and definition from the comfort of your home. And all this you get without having to go to a commercial gym, where you will surely have to worry about paying the monthly fee, the parking ticket, and maybe unsuccessfully pursue the schedules of the classes that you like and need the most.

For all this, it is an amazing idea to turn your garage into your own personal gym and embrace your new and improved way to train your body.