The most interesting part of this article is when we answer the question what if the muffler fell off the car? But before that, it is important that we note some of the most important things about a muffler. What is a muffler and why cars need them? Once we find answers to this question we will have adequate knowledge about the whole combustion system inside the car.

What is a muffler?

The idea of mufflers came as early as in the late 1800s. But what are even these mufflers? All of us know what mufflers are, but simply we know it by a different name. Most the Britain system of language call it silencer while the Americans refer to it as the mufflers. However, the term silencer is more convincing than the term muffler as the word silencer better describes the role that these parts play in the system of the vehicle. So as we said the role of a muffler is to silence your vehicle and bring to a hush. If not for a muffler, you vehicles would simply roar like hell.

How does a muffler function?

The internal system of the vehicle is complex. A vehicle has to go through a lot of processes in order to make it run smoothly. However, there is a lot of pressure involved in it, and as a result, the internal combustion system can give out loud noise. This is where the resonator appears. It comes just before the muffler. The resonator’s job is to resonate the pressure and redirect it out, but the resonator is not equipped enough to stop or control the noise that a vehicle can emit in this process.

That is where a muffler comes in. It is fixed right after the resonator, but before the outlet part comes to an end. So this muffler that is present here controls the noise and reduces it to less to zero. Mufflers are available in different sizes and different shapes, and you can pick the one that fits your vehicle. The role of a muffler is very much important, but we hardly take time to notice it. If it is not for mufflers, we will have to live in a world that simply can’t go void of noise. I can’t say enough how much grateful we have to be.

What will happen if your muffler simply fell off the car?

In most cases, nothing big will happen. Your car can still function well without a muffler. However, today’s cars are designed in such a way that they mufflers also contribute in controlling the pressure that is exerted internally. So your car might face a bit of difficulty in moving forward. However, if you decrease the speed and open the windows a bit, it can reduce pressure and will help the car run peacefully.

Here’s a video of a muffler falling off a BMW: