In today’s car industry, some changes are taking place. In addition to engine power-out, various hi-tech things have appeared that can make driving fun (safer?), etc. However, what is the price of all this? And why are cars so expensive?

Is it that the peer psychology that around the society that is pushing the desire of human to buy more and more expensive things to keep escalating their status quo or it is merely the show-off business that is making the industry take advantage of human’s competitive mind. Or is it the technology advancement that happens day over day is what making the expense of the car so high , there can be numerous factors ranging from psychological reasons too technical reasons , but here we would discuss and draw a comparison in regarding a case study of Porsche 911 model, which illustrates how they tweak their marketing campaign to sustain the price niche.

“Ordinary” people with barely enough income for survival, have a headache or just the thought of a purchase of a car that costs several million euros. One of these “headaches” is the Porsche 911R, which was recently announced at a price of $ 1.25 million. The ad is very quickly withdrawn, but the questionnaire above the head of many remains. The next interesting thing comes from Porsche. Namely, the Porsche 911 GTR RS, whose prices after leaving the factory, reach $176,000, at once achieves a price of $400,000. Is there any logic? However, is not only Porsche subject to this trend, but also cars that can afford buyers of lesser purchasing power.

In spite of everything, there will always be people in the world who will buy such expensive cars, thereby proving their status, feeding their ego, etc. As far as car enthusiasts are concerned, they are satisfied with the manual gearbox without any additional hi-tech accessories that, after starting, convert the car into a spaceship that crosses the roads with full holes and irregularities at the speed of light.

Every car manufacturer should be aware of the fact that not all businessmen who can disperse thousands of dollars just to buy something that is used to transport them from point A to point B. It is, however, nice to hear about cars that have ideal seats that are almost tailor-made, those beautiful brakes that stop the car in place, all possible and impossible carbon fibers and electronic accessories. All right, this emphasizes the power and power of both the car and the manufacturer, but the price of such models rises to the sky. However, this alone is not the reason of why are cars so expensive; there are also enthusiasts (who would not believe) who do not have millions of dollars in bank accounts and cannot afford even the basic model. Why not, for example, produce Porsche 911 at a price that is acceptable to “ordinary” customers? The answer is simple; they are making that kind of cars for people with money and power. And when they purchase those cars, they also purchase exclusivity. If they make, produce and sell fewer cars, they can put any price on it because of its unique development and design. They don’t even need to find customers; they will find them because everyone want’s something as unique as possible.

So, the producing of cars such as Porsche 911 at a price that is acceptable to ordinary costumers is all just a radical idea that is very likely never to come true, but it stimulates discussion and reflection. The car will continue to be a status symbol; they will have a somewhat broader pocketable to afford something better, and other mortals will still drive a car with a manual window lift, a manual gearbox,etc.It is only we humans that need to realize what we need and how much it is needed. It is we who needs to think before choosing a car based on its price, status symbol or pure utility of the product, the sooner we start retro inspecting it, the sooner the industry would begin reflecting it on the price for the cars they would make.