Self-driving cars are cars of our near future, and we will explain here what they are and why self driving cars are good.

Shortly, we can expect cars without the drivers of many famous car manufacturers. Google rushed in and revealed last year a revolutionary prototype of its first autonomous vehicle that could ease driving for people with disabilities and the elderly. His futuristic appearance highlights the many driving changes we are accustomed to with the current models of the car.

The self-driving cars of our future are equipped with sensors that can be found in planes and submarines and, of course, advanced GPS systems. It has a detailed overview of the space around the radius of just over 180 meters. The driver’s seat with the steering wheel and the control pedal is replaced by the control screen. Pressing the start button is enough to start the vehicle. Numerous sensors automatically control the vehicle while the driver and passengers can monitor the on-screen behavior using the image and other driving parameters. The demonstrated prototype of the vehicle can for now develop a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour. On the car’s roof is around the autonomous Google car. It is assumed that there are hidden cameras, sensors and radars inside. The data that the “eye” collects sends to the “brain,”i.e., a fast and efficient computer that processes the received data and uses them for its work. Some of the components of the autonomous vehicles are already familiar to us in the present, for example, automatic braking and maintenance of the driving distance.

Development of self-driving cars

Google has been working on a prototype of its automobile for about ten years. At that time vast amounts of money were spent, and its development has not yet been completed. It takes a few more years to develop your idea to perfection. Technologists, manufacturers and other experts working on this project suggest that the final appearance of the car, whose exterior now resembles the coal, will drastically change.

With the prototype of the vehicle in question, many test runs were carried out,and over 2 million kilometers passed. During the testing in the car software, a database of numerous situations on the roads has been created, due to which this autopilot car can predict various traffic events, take parameters from vehicles from its radius, and collect data on interaction with other vehicles and pedestrians.

Abilities of self-driving cars

Google’s car without driver predicts traffic events. Since it is equipped with modern GPS systems and specialized sensors and has an extensive viewing radius, in contrast to people it can be easier to identify obstacles on the road or to avoid the actual danger. This prototype can already quickly identify and distinguish different types of cars, emergency vehicles,and trucks. Experts from the development sector are striving to increase this capacity so that the final version recognizes various objects on the roads, signs, adapt to all possible conditions and with the sensors analyzed them.

Advantages of self-driving cars

Theoretical analyzes have shown the numerous benefits of autonomous vehicles. It has been proven that for most traffic accidents with fatal consequences the human factor and emotions are guilty. Advanced driver assistance systems will help significantly by reducing the number of deaths in road accidents by the mid-century. It is estimated that autonomous vehicles could reduce mortality in car accidents by 90%. It means that if autonomous vehicles one day replace the vehicles with which they have to manage a human body, they will reduce by a million victims a year on a global scale.

This video guesses at what a world of self driving cars will look like.

Disadvantages of self-driving cars

Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages also. Obstacles appear in the mind because most of the people surveyed want to keep full control of their vehicle and are afraid to let control of the computer. Some people think that such a ride is not a bit interesting or exciting. Speed-flexibility in the event of rush will also be reduced. Also, for the Google Car to drive entirely on its terrestrial routes, many traffic laws should be replaced. There is a problem with the attacks of hackers, which for now can quickly learn the system and take the drive.

So ask yourself the same question: “Why self driving cars are good?”. And give you on answer and opinion, but whatever your arguments, we are getting closer to the future of autonomous cars.